Wood Elves

The Wood Elves are a race of tall, slender humanoids who live within the sacred woodland of Athel Loren, the most ancient forest in the Old World. Their home is a carefully-balanced ecosystem, one where the trees themselves truly live and are hostile to the avaricious intentions of outsiders. As you might expect, the Wood Elves – or Asrai as they call themselves – are a mysterious race who rarely emerge from the forest and are generally only seen when coming to its defence. Although they can appear cruel, in reality the Asrai are a neutral power who act only to maintain the balance of their environment, however such actions are interpreted by others. Elves are not just long-limbed, they also live for thousands of years, which naturally makes other races seem trivial and irrelevant; only the preservation of their forest home matters, everything else – the affairs of mere ’mayflies’ – is of little importance or consequence to them.

The Elven race first left their island home, Ulthuan, many centuries ago following attacks by the forces of Chaos that led to the death of the legendary Phoenix King, Aenarion. In doing so, they became masters of shipbuilding and sea travel long before such secrets were revealed to other races. Although many colonies were founded, the most suitable for the Asrai was beneath the boughs of ancient Athel Loren. So in touch with their woodland home were the Wood Elves, so well did they thrive in perfect isolation, that when the Phoenix King demanded they return to fight in Ulthuan’s defence, they refused! However, the Asrai’s secluded existence was doomed not to last.

Although regular incursions by the Beastmen of Chaos are driven back, their Ruinous threat is fierce and constant. In order to combat them and other foes, and to defend the forest’s flora and fauna, the Wood Elves – led by their perennial King in the Woods, Orion – have developed elite warriors; the swift and deadly Glade Guards; the unique, beguiling and deadly Wardancers; magic-using Spellsingers, and archers mounted on giant Warhawks can all be brought to bear in defence of Athel Loren. In addition to this martial strength, beneath the forest floor lie the Worldroots, enabling the Asrai to travel underground and emerge in great numbers to surprise and defeat those who encroach upon Athel Loren’s glades and boughs uninvited…



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