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Up close, a Troll will batter foes into submission or vomit disgusting and potently corrosive bile across the field.

Trolls live alone or in small groups, and roam desolate regions, preying on travellers and attacking isolated villages. Bands of Trolls often latch onto Greenskin tribes, attracted by the profusion of carcasses and refuse. Some are even thrown the odd Snotling or captive - the Greenskins do this to encourage the Trolls to stick around, for they are handy in a scrap. Trolls can maul any foe, but are so dumb it is hard to get them to follow orders. Savvy Warbosses know that without help the brutes seldom remain focused on the battlefield. Left on their own, Trolls are easily distracted and, instead of attacking, will stoop down to eat the injured or simply stand and drool. Only by barking commands himself, or by tasking a Big Boss to lead the Troll pack, can a Greenskin commander come close to relying on the hulking creatures. Even this shepherding isn't foolproof and some Trolls have been known to tune out a Warboss' yelling in order to eat rocks or pull up offending patches of grass. However, should the creatures reach combat they flail about with their mighty fists or makeshift weapons to lay waste to just about anything. Trolls also have the disturbing ability to retch up the contents of their stomachs. This noxious attack sprays semi-liquid bile and half-digested bits all over its victim, melting through armour and searing away flesh and bone - it is, truly, an ugly way to die.


Attribute Description
Can Cause Fear This unit frightens all enemy units, reducing their leadership when nearby. It is also immune to fear. Fear penalties do not stack.


Ability Description

There are beings and creatures that can mend bone and knit flesh at an incredible rate. A mighty boon, but one stunted by fire.