Sisters of the Thorn

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Ariel's handmaidens know only the defence of their Queen and the forest - an eternal duty, never forsworn.

The Sisters of the Thorn are Ariel's handmaidens. In many ways, they are equal and opposite to the Wild Riders of Kurnous, a sisterhood pledged to sorcery and subtlety where Orion's equerries know loyalty only to the glory of the Hunt. Where the Wild Riders are borne into battle on steeds as reckless as they are, the Sisters ride the Steeds of Isha - mounts whose viciousness lies hidden beneath a graceful aspect. Just like their mistress, the Sisters of the Thorn are eternal; they seem never to age and succumb to injury only briefly. Should one be slain, her siblings place her body upon a bier of root and ivy and bear it away to the hallowed halls beneath the Oak of Ages. There she slumbers away the weeks and months until the arrival of a new Spring, where the riot of magic and life-energy restores her to vibrant existence. Only if her body is irretrievable or mutilated beyond all recognition does the fallen Sister's spirit flee the mortal world, leaving her bereaved siblings to exact vengeance on her slayer.

Ranged Contact Effects

Sisters of the Thorn inflicts the following debuff when hitting an enemy with a missile attack.

Poison! (10 seconds)

  • -20% Armour-Piercing Missile Damage
  • -20% Missile Damage
  • -24% Speed
  • -20% Armour-Piercing Damage
  • -20% Weapon Damage


Attribute Description
Vanguard Deployment This unit can deploy outside the deployment zone.
Hide (forest) This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.
Fire Whilst Moving This unit can fire while on the move.


Ability Description
Shield of Thorns

Prickly gorse bursts from the ground around the caster's allies, protecting them from attack like a spiky, living shield.

The Curse of Anraheir

At theĀ spellcaster's command, nebulous nature spirits assail the foe, clawing with hands not nearly as insubstantial as they first appear.