Royal Pegasus Knights

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The rarest of all steeds, only the most noble of Bretonnians ride these dignified, sophisticated creatures into battle.

Only the richest and most powerful nobles own a Royal pegasus, for they are incredibly rare. Those fortunate enough treat theirs with the greatest respect, almost as if it were a peer. Each Lord has a handful of Knights Errant in his retinue whose responsibility it is to care for this, his prized possession and noblest of steeds. Peasants are never allowed near these beasts, lest their stench or clumsiness causes the pegasus harm - indeed, tales tell of the obsessive Volstall of Quenelles, who executed any peasant that even gazed upon his steed.


Attribute Description
Perfect Vigour Even when performing the most fatiguing actions, this unit never loses vigour.
Vanguard Deployment This unit can deploy outside the deployment zone.
Immune to Psychology The unit is immune to psychological attacks (fear and terror).


Ability Description
The Blessing of the Lady

The Lady's blessing is a wondrous gift freely graced upon all Bretonnian subjects, should they but kneel and utter their devotion.