Rat Ogres

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Patchwork creations of pure brawn and unthinking rage, they charge with the desire only to destroy.

The hulking monstrosities known as Rat Ogres are one of the most successful of Clan Moulder's numberless creations. The Master Moulders have found the perfect blend of death-dealing creature through a mixture of foul crossbreeding and dark sorcerous surgery. In their artificial making, many beasts are literally stitched together, the impossible feat accomplished through the fusing powers of a powerful Warpstone-derived balm, the infamous skalm. The Rat Ogre combines the speed and ferocity of a Skaven with the sheer brawn of an Ogre. Somehow the desperate hunger of both races has been magnified as well - for the Rat Ogre is truly a ravenous creature, forever seeking to gorge its fill on fresh meat. In battle a Rat Ogre pack is horrifying to behold, becoming wholly consumed by an insatiable instinct to kill, rip, and tear, and it takes a Packmaster to steer their ferocious charges. A Rat Ogre pack moves with great speed, their misshapen bodies made entirely of straining, bulging muscles, teeth, and claws. The snarling rage of a Rat Ogre pack colliding with an enemy unit resounds across a battlefield, as the towering creatures splinter shields, snap bones, and relentlessly pound any and all opposition.


Attribute Description
Can Cause Fear This unit frightens all enemy units, reducing their leadership when nearby. It is also immune to fear. Fear penalties do not stack.
Hide (forest) This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.


Ability Description
Scurry Away!

"He who runs away lives to fight another day!" - so the foul, craven adage goes.


Some warriors care not for their own personal safety and so work themselves into a whirlwind of destruction and mindless violence!