Quarrellers (Great Weapons)

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A volley of Dwarfen crossbow bolts will travel far and hit hard, particularly against the lightly armoured.

When the Clans are called to fight, some Dwarfs arm themselves with crossbows and join the battle as Quarrellers. These formations are tasked with raining bolts down upon their foes - a task they perform with orderly zeal. Quarrellers seek to thin down the enemy's ranks, punish units attempting to outflank their own forces and engage in ranged duels with the foe's missile-armed troops. Dwarfs have never taken to bows, partly because they do not suit their short physical stature, but also due to the limitations of such weapons in confined tunnels. The powerfully-built Dwarf crossbow can easily fire shots that outdistance the puny bows used by Goblins, and the crossbow bolts pack enough punch to devastate lightly armoured foes. With typical Dwarf precision, a unit of Quarrellers will unleash its hail of bolts, reload, take aim and fire again. Protected by heavy armour and their own sturdy constitutions, it is a rare day when an enemy - even one with more skilled marksmen than the Dwarfs - can win a long-ranged shooting contest against a unit of Quarrellers. Of course, should the enemy approach near enough to engage the Quarrellers in close combat, they will find hardened warriors eager to put their axes to work. While the devotees to the handgun have grown over the years, they have not replaced the crossbow. There are many Clans that prefer the range of the crossbow, while the most traditionalist simply rile against any technological progress and the regrettable lack of "elbow grease" needed to fire a handgun instead of winding a crossbow winch to reset its formidable shot. Not surprisingly, some of the less wealthy Clans even grumble over the cost of black powder.


Attribute Description
Hide (forest) This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.