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The Pistoliers are standard ranged cavalry, their pistols packing an effective punch whilst maintaining mobility.

Pistoliers are young nobles who are not yet old or experienced enough to test their spurs in battle or join one of the Knightly Orders. However, the clarion Call-to-Arms pounds strongly in the veins of these youths, and many cannot wait to march to war and prove themselves on the glorious field of combat. Some spirited young nobles may gather their friends and form regiments of Pistoliers of their own, but most join the ranks of the Pistolkorps, a military organisation funded by the Emperor, the Engineers' School and sponsored by several Knightly Orders. Here, the nobles learn about horsemanship and war from the Outrider - grizzled veterans paid by the Knights to train their sons. Most of the young men who survive their time in the Pistolkorps go on to join a Knightly Order and put the skills and scars they have earned to good use as a fully armoured Knight.


Attribute Description
Vanguard Deployment This unit can deploy outside the deployment zone.
Hide (forest) This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.
Fire Whilst Moving This unit can fire while on the move.