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The bravest of warriors, Paladins charge into battle either mounted or on foot, bringing righteous death in the Lady's name.

Paladins are powerful heroes renowned through Bretonnia for their chivalry and feats of arms. Many of them are high-ranking nobles, holding titles such as earl or baron, while others hold warrior titles like marshal or warden. Paladins are powerful fighters, and make good leaders for units of Knights. Most Paladins are elite Grail Knights, having supped of the Lady's cup and attained everlasting life. Their courage, valour and loyalty are beyond reproach, and they defend the palaces of the Lady to the death. Considered by the people as paragons of society, Paladins attract crowds when they visit, held aloft by all as the very pinnacle of Bretonnian chivalry and brilliance.

Mount Options

This unit has the following mount options

Mount Description
Royal Pegasus Stronger and faster than the mightiest warhorse, these intelligent beasts are exceptionally loyal to their noble masters.
Barded Warhorse The finest horses in the Old World, bred for their endurance and fiery temperament, barded for further protection.


Attribute Description
Encourage This unit provides a leadership bonus to nearby allies. Units within range of both the Lord's aura and an encouraging unit will receive the larger of the two bonuses.
Hide (forest) This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.


Ability Description
Deadly Onslaught

Such is the power and ferocity of the champion, that those who stand in his way will falter against the warrior's impact.


There are those who wish nothing more than to be at the heart of battle, seeking foes to vanquish.