Orc Boar Chariot

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When these Chariots ride to war, there is little that can stand in the way of their terrific charge.

By lashing together rough-hewn logs, Orcs are able to construct formidable chariots. It takes two powerful war boars to pull such a blocky construction and, at first, even these thick-muscled beasts struggle. With some grunting and not just a little straining flatulence, the boars finally get the crude wheels turning. Once the churning porcine legs have the chariot rumbling along at full tilt, it becomes an impressive shock weapon, capable of slamming into the enemy with the force of a thunderbolt, albeit a hairy and stinky one. If the sheer impact of such hurtling force does not smash the foe, there are always the iron-shod wheels with crude blades attached, the goring tusks of the boars or the spear thrusts of the Orc crew themselves. While not as fast as a wolf-drawn Goblin Chariot, the heavier Orc vehicle hits harder and in return can absorb considerably more punishment than the flimsier gobbo-crewed devices.