Orc Boar Boy Big 'Uns

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Bigger than normal Orcs, and stronger too, the Orc Boar Big 'Uns ride their beasts into enemy lines, devastating all who face them.

The war boar is a stubborn and vicious animal that stands nearly as tall as a horse and is considerably bulkier. It is an extremely tough beast that is notoriously bad tempered, loudly flatulent, unpredictable and wholly dangerous. These are just the sort of qualities that Orcs greatly admire, so it was only natural for them to adopt war boars as their mounts. When the beasts lower their tusks and charge, they can crack open a battle line as easily as a well-placed choppa blow can tear apart a foe's rib cage.


Attribute Description
Hide (forest) This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.