Orc Big 'Uns

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The hardest-hitting mobs in a tribe, Big 'Uns are well placed in melee, where they happily smash their enemies apart.

In many tribes the largest Orcs band together into a mob that is accurately, if not imaginatively, called the "Big 'Uns". These warriors are bigger, stronger and even fightier than regular Orc Boyz. Those that survive their stint with the Big 'Uns often go on to become Bosses, Big Bosses, or even Warbosses. In the meantime, they form an elite unit that quickly gains the reputation of being the hardest-hitting mob in the tribe - a claim they are only too eager to show off to any foes or rivals that get in their way. Only one mob can "be da best", so Big 'Uns are mercifully rare in each Greenskin tribe!


Attribute Description
Hide (forest) This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.