Night Goblin Shaman

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Maddened by dank mould and mushrooms, a Goblin Shaman hurls debilitating spells into the enemy's ranks with chaotic abandon.

Night Goblin Shamans wear the easily-recognised hoods of their kind and are known for being particularly crazed due to eating vast quantities of hallucinogenic mushrooms. They are especially knowledgeable about fungus and only Night Goblin Shamans know the full rituals for growing, picking and preparing the deadly madcap mushrooms that can turn a Night Goblin into a ball-wielding Fanatic. It is said that a Night Goblin Shaman who eats too many mushrooms will eventually turn into a Shamanshroom, a magic-saturated fungal shoot. It is a damp, dull life as a mushroom, but it will probably get worse; as Shamanshrooms are highly coveted by other magic-casters, getting turned into one is surely a one-way ticket to being eaten alive.

Melee Contact Effects

Night Goblin Shaman inflicts the following debuff when hitting an enemy.

Poison! (10 seconds)

  • -20% Armour-Piercing Missile Damage
  • -20% Missile Damage
  • -24% Speed
  • -20% Armour-Piercing Damage
  • -20% Weapon Damage


Attribute Description
Vanguard Deployment This unit can deploy outside the deployment zone.
Stalk This unit can move hidden in any terrain.


Ability Description
Mad Cap Mushrooms

Night Goblin Shamans brew a pungent fungus potion that, when drunk, will send the Fanatics into a spinning, whirling cyclone of death!


Spell Description
Sneaky Stealin'

Goblin Shamans are sneaky and will steal away the power from the enemy Wizard, cackling maniacally while doing so!

Curse of Da Bad Moon

With a chilling howl, the Shaman summons a great pale moon with a leering goblinoid face and large, tusk-like fangs.

Gork'll Fix It

The Shaman points a bony finger at a nearby enemy, cursing them in the name of Gork.

Itchy Nuisance

By vigorously scratching his armpits - cackling maniacally as he does so - the Shaman projects painful chafing onto a nearby foe.

Night Shroud

The Shaman throws a black-capped nightshade mushroom into the air, which bursts into a cloud of murky darkness.

Sneaky Stabbin'

The targets of this spell are driven to go right after "hurty bitz" or sneak up on opponents at unexpected angles.

Vindictive Glare

Green bolts of purest spite burst forth from the Shaman and streak towards the enemy.