Nasty Skulkers

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Even the most heinous green-skinned scumbags look upon these Goblins' swift skulduggery with reverent horror.

When it comes to discovering underhanded advantages, Goblins are always seeking some new kind of dirty trick, be it a chance to sneak attack a foe or gang up on a crippled enemy. Some Goblins excel at darting forward and stabbing at an enemy's soft spots before slinking away. It is almost magical the way that they seem to pop out of nowhere - striking from between a comrade's legs or leaping out of the shadows "all stabby like". Such devious gobbos are known as Nasty Skulkers and are generally thought to be "a bad piece o' work", even by shifty Goblin standards. Once a Nasty Skulker has latched onto an enemy unit, he will plague it, slitting throats and jabbing groins until he is found out and stomped to death.


Attribute Description
Vanguard Deployment This unit can deploy outside the deployment zone.
Stalk This unit can move hidden in any terrain.


Ability Description
Smoke Bomb

Clogging the senses with acrid, stinging smoke leaves an enemy completely vulnerable.

Opportunist Murderer

Greenskins are never gracious in victory. Wherever they can press an unfair advantage, they will!