Mage (High)

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The dwellers of the White Tower use High Magic to destroy enemies and augment allies.

In Ulthuan, those who devote their lives to magic are treated with the highest respect and honour. Though each kingdom has its own magical traditions and methods of scholarship, Saphery is the realm most famed for its mages, and it is at the White Tower of Hoeth that Ulthuan's seat of magical learning can be found. There, the greatest collection of Mages, Loremasters and scholars in the world endeavour to perfect their mastery of the sorcerous arts. It is a place of wonders unbounded, where mages strive to harness every aspect of the Winds of Magic.


Attribute Description
Encourage This unit provides a leadership bonus to nearby allies. Units within range of both the Lord's aura and an encouraging unit will receive the larger of the two bonuses.


Ability Description
Martial Prowess

High Elves excel as warriors, having trained in martial disciplines for the equivalent of many men's lifetimes.


Spell Description
Shield of Saphery

As the High Magic is channelled into the caster, its preserving energies form a dome of protection around them.


Waves of pure High Magic infuse the target, radiating within the body, returning vigour and life.

Arcane Unforging

Fingers of light seep into enemy armour, attacking its wearers.

Fiery Convocation

The caster utters words of power and a phoenix of pure fire manifests to swoop upon the enemy, bathing them in cleansing flame.

Hand of Glory

The spirits of ancient warriors are summoned and lend their might to allies in the present.

Soul Quench

White light bursts forth, quenching the spirit of the foe as a mortal might smother a spark.


Without warning, a conflagration of the eight arcane Winds forms on the foe, creating a devastating tempest.