Luminark of Hysh

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A weapon from the College of Light, vaporising their enemies by channelling the Wind of Hysh.

A Luminark of Hysh is a large and complex magical war machine created by the Wizards of the College of Light Magic. Each consists of an array of enchanted mirrors and aether-lenses, resembling the innards of a vast magical telescope mounted atop a great wheeled platform. These mystical weapons are crewed by a pair of Acolytes - students of the Patriarch of the Light College himself - who tend to the machine's array of precision instruments. As the Acolytes set about focussing lenses, tilting prisms and polishing mirrors, they continuously intone spells to channel the Wind of Hysh. As the invocations gain in tempo and volume, the Orb of Sorcery at the machine's core glows with increasing ferocity until a blinding white light leaps through the Luminarium's arcane optics, manifesting in a destructive beam of soulfire so intense that it vaporises anything in its path.


Ability Description
Locus of Hysh

As Hysh gathers and swirls around the Luminark, it creates a becalming eddy that other magical winds struggle to penetrate.

Aura of Protection

The Light Magic aura that surrounds the Luminark gives protection to those the Acolyte of Hysh deems worthy.