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Victims find out too late that the enchanting creature gliding towards them is not a woman, but a savage, rabid beast!

Harpies are particularly loathsome Children of Chaos, winged creatures with a body that is a parody of a human woman. From a distance they may appear lithe and shapely, even darkly alluring, yet as they close their true nature becomes clear. A Harpy’s face is distorted and twisted, with nothing of humanity or intelligence in its eyes, only instinctive cruelty. Its lips are not those of a woman, but are twisted and leering, pulled back to reveal needle-like teeth dripping with blood and saliva. The creature’s limbs are not soft or shapely, but hard and possessed of tendons like steel, that lend it preternatural speed and agility.


Attribute Description
Vanguard Deployment This unit can deploy outside the deployment zone.