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From above, the bomber pilot releases a payload of high-yield explosives that wreak havoc on enemy lines.

Since the first flight of the Gyrocopter, Engineers have been seeking ways to upgrade its payload. There were times, such as when Greenskin invasions filled the valleys, swarming up a mountain's flanks to besiege a Dwarfhold, that Gyrocopters buzzing around the flanks just wasn't going to break up the attack. With some reconfiguration, and by losing the heavy weight of the steam gun, the Engineers' Guild were able to significantly increase the size and number of bombs carried. Thus was the Gyrobomber invented. Armed with their impressive bomb racks and a nose-mounted clatterygun, the Gyrobombers stream over the Dwarf battle lines seeking to obliterate the foe's largest formations. Already, several flying formations have become famous - perhaps most notably the Skyhammers from Zhufbar and the Blackhammer Bombers and Karaz-a-Karak.


Attribute Description
Fire Whilst Moving This unit can fire while on the move.


Ability Description
Gyrobomber Bomb

The Gyrobomber is fitted with much larger ordnance than the Gyrocopter. Should the multiple payloads hit their intended target the results will be quite spectacular!