Gutter Runners

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Lightly armoured and nimble beyond the ken of most, Clan Eshin's death squads move fast and kill quickly.

Most suspicious deaths and acts of espionage in Skaven society are blamed on the nefarious Clan Eshin. Such accusations are probably true, but, of course, there is no evidence. Much of this devastation is wrought by the Gutter Runners, Clan Eshin's black-clad death squads. Gutter Runners have undergone training in the mysterious fighting style developed in the Far East. Because of their ability to bend and contort their pliable bodies with a speed and dexterity unachievable by man, Gutter Runners have no need for encumbering armour - they simply dodge the blows and missile of their foes. A unit is often led by a Death Runner - the term used for the most promising assassin-adept.


Attribute Description
Vanguard Deployment This unit can deploy outside the deployment zone.
Fire Whilst Moving This unit can fire while on the move.
Stalk This unit can move hidden in any terrain.


Ability Description

Snare-nets are lightweight but strong and covered in hooks. They are used by Gutter Runners to capture live prisoners.

Scurry Away!

"He who runs away lives to fight another day!" - so the foul, craven adage goes.

Strength in Numbers

Skaven are craven by nature but take courage when in packs of their own kind, where they move slower but enjoy the safety of numbers.