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Wielding double-handed swords and wearing heavy plate, Greatswords are a potent elite unit with an impressive melee strength.

Regiments of Greatswords garrison the castles of the Elector Counts and form their lord's honour guard on state occasions. These grim men are equipped with huge two-handed swords called zweihanders that can cleave an armoured Knight in twain with one blow. Greatswords are also adorned with superb suits of Dwarf-forged plate armour, for these elite troops are expected to fight in the thick of the bloodiest and most dangerous combats of a battle. Upon a soldier's induction into the esteemed ranks of the Greatswords, he is required to swear an oath never to take a backwards step in the face of the enemy. Every regiment of Greatswords has its own particular punishment for those who fail in their duty. However, such instances are extremely rare, and the history of the Empire is replete with heroic tales of regiments of Greatswords that have died to a man to protect the life of their liege lord, even after the rest of their army had been butchered.


Attribute Description
Hide (forest) This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.