Doom Diver Catapult

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Fired from a catapult with crude wings strapped to his arms, the cackling Goblin pilot guides himself to a messy, pointy-hatted impact.

The height of the Doom Diver can reach is largely dependent on the quality of his hand-stitched leather wings and, perhaps even more importantly, how far back his crew can pull him on the sinew. It has been known for over zealous types to pull the entire device from its mounts - but more often than not the Doom Diver is stretched back to the limits of the crew's strength and let go with a loud TWANG! Ripping skywards like a bullet, the Doom Diver reaches cloud level before beginning his dive. Using his wings, the gobbo spirals and guides himself towards the chosen target. As the downward descent gains speed, most Goblins emit a high-pitched scream that grows louder and more irritating as it plummets earthwards. With worrying rapidity, the black speck in the sky expands into the plunging Doom Diver. When the Goblin finally impacts, the Greenskin himself might splatter altogether or, if he has effectively applied his wings as brakes and is a bit lucky, he might bounce. Either way a Doom Diver is likely to cause considerable damage to any foe he lands upon.


Attribute Description
Cannot Run This unit cannot run and will only move at walking pace.