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A staple of Dwarfen armies, the cannon is a long-ranged, powerful weapon essential to the Dwarfen grand strategy.

Cannons were first made by the Dwarfs of Zhufbar, although now, many of the larger Holds make their own. One of the most potent war machines, a cannon can shatter the most heavily armoured foe, pour shot into massed enemy formations, level a foe's cities or fortifications and topple the largest of monsters. They are, however, somewhat temperamental devices, and even the best-forged cannon in the world (those made by Dwarfs, naturally) are subject to occasional malfunction. The slightest crack or premature ignition of black powder can result in devastating accidents. In addition to the cannons housed within Holds, many Clans maintain a number of cannons that can join a throng on the march. These are hauled into overlooking positions on the battlefield where their long range and potent shot can dictate the course of the enemy's actions. Give the quality of their make, many Cannons have been in service for a number of centuries and are revered by their crew.


Attribute Description
Cannot Run This unit cannot run and will only move at walking pace.