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Bretonnia is the second largest nation of men after the Empire. It is located to the west of Sigmar’s lands, separated from them by the Grey Mountains. The two nations trade via several critical mountain passes and on the whole relations remain cordial, although they have gone to war many times in their turbulent history. Bretonnia is a feudal society, split between the savagely poor majority and the rich nobles with their gallant Knights standing above the filthy rabble. In theory, the Knights of Bretonnia - the flower of its military - have a code of chivalry that forms an unbreakable duty to protect its citizens. In practice, Knights are often selfish, greedy, political creatures, more interested in procuring the shiniest armour and attending tournaments than safeguarding the basic needs of the smallfolk. However, when the Knights of Bretonnia do go to war they are undeniably proficient and considered by many to be the most powerful heavy cavalry in the Old World – although no doubt the Knightly Orders of the Empire would contest this! Then there are the Grail Knights, who have supped from the holy chalice and become more than mortal, to the point where earthly desires such as wealth and political aspirations matter little, if at all. All they care about is the chivalric code, in the truest sense of the word. However, a Bretonnian army rarely consists of Knights alone ranks of solid, if unremarkable, foot troops and peasant levies are provided to soak up damage from unchivalrous cannons and other ranged devices. Although the Knights are only too happy for their own side to field large trebuchets, they would never dirty their own hands in such cowardly ways.

The current King of Bretonnia is Louen Leoncoeur, a Grail Knight of course, and considered by many of his subjects to be the nation’s greatest ruler since Gilles Le Breton – ‘the Uniter’ of legend. Renowned far beyond Bretonnia’s borders as its ‘Lionhearted’ King, some say that Gilles’ noble blood runs in his veins, so great is his stature and skill in all areas of Kingship. Far more than a mere Knight, King Louen is also known as a wise and just monarch, as well as a fine diplomat who acts fairly and honourably no matter the situation. On the battlefield he truly is a fearsome opponent and the slayer of Greenskins, Beastmen, and just about any other invader who dares cross into Bretonnian territory with evil intent! And so it is that the Knights of Bretonnia march forth – led by their courageous warrior-King – with lances dipped, and a prayer to the Lady on their lips!



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