Bray-Shaman (Wild)

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The earth speaks and the Bray-Shaman hears it. Nature flows through him, giving him mastery over the land itself.

The Bray-Shamans of the Beastmen are vile to behold, their filthy bodies covered in matted fur into which all manner of crude fetishes and grim charms are woven. Their twisted features are often covered in a ragged hood, and they bear heavy braystafs as both brutal weapons and symbols of their position within the warherd. Bray-Shamans occupy a unique niche in the brutal and bitter world of the Beastmen; they have no need to defend themselves from other members of their tribe, for none would dare assault them. Not even the mightiest Beastlord would harm a Bray-Shaman, for they speak the will of the Dark Gods, and those that defy the Gods pay the highest price of all.

Mount Options

This unit has the following mount options

Mount Description
Razorgor Chariot A deadly mountain of muscle and hair, forced to pull its Beastlord’s chariot, is a truly repulsive proposition indeed.


Attribute Description
Encourage This unit provides a leadership bonus to nearby allies. Units within range of both the Lord's aura and an encouraging unit will receive the larger of the two bonuses.
Hide (forest) This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.


Ability Description
Primal Fury

Goaded by Chieftains and enraged by intruders on their blood-grounds, Beastmen become consumed by a savage furore!

Arcane Conduit

A strong mind is needed to channel the Winds of Magic. Those that have such a gift become arcane conduits - funnelling the magical tempests to their cause.


Spell Description
Bestial Surge

The Bray-Shaman inflames the Beastmen’s urge to rend the foe, causing them to surge forward in a roaring, bellowing mass.


This spell unleashes a howling roar of such intensity that it mashes brains and bursts eyeballs.


The Bray-Shaman magnifies the savage and animalistic parts of the foe's psyche until they are nothing more than growling beasts.

Mantle of Ghorok

Ghorok was a legendary Minotaur, ferocious as a storm. His spirit-mantle is terrible but dangerous to the bearer.

Savage Dominion

The Bray-Shaman sends his mind winging into the wilds to possess a Cygor, then summons it to the battlefield.


The Bray-Shaman drives a spear of wrath into enemy hearts, unlocking the beast within and causing them to turn against their own.


This spell calls to the creeping things of the undergrowth, sending a swarm of spiders, centipedes and slug-beetles onto the foe.