Blessed Field Trebuchet

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The trebuchet - far superior to the catapult - hurls thrice-blessed stones at the enemy, crushing them with devout fury.

The first Bretonnian trebuchet is believed to have been constructed in the small village of Lyonesse. It is said that an eccentric bastard child, a pious young man prone to fits and visions, built the war machine in a single night of feverish activity, using parts of the crumbling Grail Chapel of Adelhard the Second, as well as pieces scrounged from various other sources. When the village was attacked by northern raiders, it was this construction that fended them off, firing massive chunks of masonry to sink the marauders' longships. The young man was later presented to the king, and his designs copied and improved upon. For saving the village and maintaining the purity of the Grail Chapel (though it was now even more ruined than before), the young man was gifted with a fatted pig and two copper crowns - more wealth than he could have hoped to see in a lifetime.


Attribute Description
Cannot Run This unit cannot run and will only move at walking pace.